41 years of continuous development

Consolid AG based in Switzerland and The Consolid system was expressly developed for soil stabilisation.

Every cohesive soil possesses the characteristic to petrify again.

Through the addition of special catalysts, mixed into the soils we can speed the process up.

The Consolid system does not react as a binder or oxidant.

The CONSOLID SOIL STABILISATION SYSTEM simply speeds up the natural process to solidify of all kinds of cohesive soil.

It has a positive environmental influence to the soil characteristic.

Consolid AG has a continuous development program of laboratory and field-testing which continue to keep the business at the forefront of soil stabilisation and recycled material innovation.

We are proud to be global leaders in our sector.

The scarcity and occasional exhaustion of conventional construction materials make it necessary to use in increasing quantities in-situ or recycled soil in road construction and road maintenance and in any other earthwork project to protect nature and our environment, and importantly save the reducing natural resources of gravel and crushed rock and avoid waste of valuable materials.

CONSOLID 555 is a chemical substance, which breaks up the adhering water film and leads to an irreversible agglomeration of fines, reducing the capillary rise of water substantially.

The high effectiveness of CONSOLID 555 protects the soil, especially against the infiltration of water.

It allows better compaction of the treated soil and increases the desired density during time and under traffic. 1.2 litres of Consolid 555 is applied to 1 m3 soil by weight. Consolid 555 is supplied in 50/200 litre drums or in bulk.

The Consolid System can be used in any new or restoration project to strengthen the base layers in the forest tracks trails and bridle path networks.

Consolid can be mixed with the in-situ soils and recycled material to form a barrier to capillary rise, frost heave and permeability of water; the process is permanent and irreversible once dried.

By using Consolid in any construction project you will be saving costs, financially and to the environment.

Environmental engineering for soil stabilisation