Motorways, Primary roads, A roads & B roads

For most of the Motorway, Primary route, A road and B class roads the specification World-wide require a CBR of 35 for the base course and in most cases a treatment with the Consolid System concentrates on the top 150 – 300mm of the existing road base course.

This means that with any soil yielding a CBR of 10 originally, you can increase the loading capacity of the top layer with the treatment at least to the required figure of 35.

For higher class roads or heavy-duty haulage roads the requirements for CBR in the base course are increased to 80.

The specification of the base course would ask for an untreated CBR of 25, as this can certainly be increased to 80 and above with the introduction of the Consolid Road System. The laboratory testing will show just how much the bearing rate will increase and direct you as to how thick the layer must be.

The Consolid System can be used in any new or restoration project to strengthen the base layers in the countries Motorway, Primary route, A road and B class road networks.

Consolid can be mixed with the in-situ soils and recycled material to form a barrier to capillary rise, frost heave and permeability of water; the process is permanent and irreversible once dried.

By using Consolid in any construction project you will be saving costs, financially and to the environment.

Environmental engineering for soil stabilisation