At the 2005 ‘International Green Apple Environment Awards’ a CONSOLID installer Environmental Ground Stabilisation Ltd. were presented with a Green Apple Award.

Presented by the UK Government Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt and was in the ‘For the Built Environment & Architectural Heritage’ category.

Throughout history builders have used additives and binders to strengthen infrastructure and monumental works, Roman roads and bridges continue to stand the test of time, restoration workers often comment about how hard the mortar is on Roman bridge works.

The CONSOLID soil stabilisation / soil consolidation system was expressly developed for soil stabilisation. Every cohesive soil possesses the characteristic to petrify again. It requires a very long time and high pressure.

Through the addition of catalysts can we speed up this process. The CONSOLID soil stabilisation system does not react as binder or oxidant. The CONSOLID soil stabilization system speeds up the natural process of solidification of all kinds of cohesive soil. It improves and consolidates the soil.

Unlike other track/trail surfaces which can wash-out in time, the Consolid system continues to consolidate the soils, additionally using the Consolid system will ensure long term surface improvement and frost resistance.

The more you use a Consolid treated surface and therefore the more the soils are compacted, the better the solidification.

Mixed soil can be stored for unlimited time and remains fully effective. 

The CONSOLID System modifies the soil in its own structure permanently and thus can be used in situ or in a premixing procedure at a plant.


Environmental engineering for soil stabilisation