The CONSOLID SYSTEM was expressly developed for soil stabilisation.

Every cohesive soil possesses the characteristic to petrify again. It needs for that only a very long time and high pressure.

Through the addition of catalysts can we this process speed up.

The CONSOLID SYSTEM does not react as binder or oxidant.

The CONSOLID SYSTEM speeds up the natural process of solidify of all kinds of cohesive soil.

It has a favourable influence on the soils characteristic.

2. Basis Components

The CONSOLID SYSTEM for soil stabilisation is always affected by two products, which are used together. It is CONSOLID 444 and SOLIDRY. CONSOLID 444 is liquid components and SOLIDRY is a powder like component. The two components are mixed with the soil. Afterwards the soil is completely compacted. The CONSOLID SYSTEM can be used by almost every kind of soil. 

It has following Advantages in comparison with the untreated soil:

  • Strong reduction of water absorption through reducing the capillary activity

  • Laboratory tests and efficiency tests of the System for over 40 years in more than 3000 sites and with more than 8000 positive laboratory tests, allows to say that the Consolid® System is not only reliable but also that its effects are proved to last.

  • The Proctor Optimum of treated soil is lower and the density is higher. 

  • Strong reduction of water sensibility 

  • Strong reduced swelling and shrinking behaviour

  • The CONSOLID® System is high-tech soil stabilization and soil waterproofing that is different from the traditional methods as it makes soil compaction totally irreversible.



The required bearing capacity can be obtained with 75% up to 100% of the in-situ available soil and you save on the collection and transportation to controlled dumps and on the borrowed materials.


The improvement of properties, as well as the soil bearing values, is permanent and upgrading can be observed in a short time with the effects of traffic. The increasing firmness and stability of the treated soil will bring about longer durability and thus bigger savings due to less maintenance.

As the soil takes part as a lead actor, the application of the CONSOLID® System is very simple. The same amount of additive is required for almost any soil to get the desired result. The other strong points of CONSOLID® System are:

Simple application made with the pool of available machinery


The CONSOLID System permits an improvement of the load bearing strength of every cohesive or semi cohesive soil by figures up to the 10 to 20-fold relative to untreated material.

The permanence and increasing stability of the treated soil yield a higher durability and thus additional savings thanks to lower maintenance costs.

The CONSOLID System works with the same with any kind of soil, as it activates the cohesive forces of the soil and substantially and lastingly reduces the influence of the water. The CONSOLID System modifies soil in its own permanently and thus can be used insitu or in a premixing procedure at a plant. Once added to the soil, it maintains the effect of the system.

The CONSOLID® System is high tech soil stabilisation and soil waterproofing that is different from the traditional methods as it makes compaction totally irreversible.

Simple application made with the pool of available machinery.

Guaranteed results that are know beforehand, as they have been shown through previous laboratory tests.

Environmental engineering for soil stabilisation